How to get to Thessaloniki

The airport is located just 16 km from Thessaloniki. Connected directly with the city center via bus lines OASTH No01X and No01N (night) and via the IKEA transfer station by  Halkidiki Bus Station, the center and eastern districts of the region of Thessaloniki. At the airport area taxis are stationed in servicing passengers. The cost of the route from the airport to the center is about 20 euros.

About Venue


Rimondi Grand Hotel

Rimondi Grand Hotel

Address: Old National Road Rethymno – Heraklion, Nea Magnisia 740 52
Phone: 2834 093250
Room Rate: €100/per day
Babis Hotel

Babis Hotel

Address: Skaleta PB 5167, Rethymno 741 00
Phone: 2831 071193
Room Rate: €96/per day
Dedalos Beach Hotel

Dedalos Beach Hotel

Address: Sfakaki Pagkalochoriou, Sfakaki 74100, Rethymno 741 00
Phone: 2831 073036
Room Rate: €84/per day
Hotel Orion

Hotel Orion

Address: Rethymno Bo B Goúrnes, Adelianos Kampos 741 00
Phone: 2831 071471
Room Rate: €51/per day

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Thessaloniki, Greece

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Head of the Organizing Committee, Dr. Konstantinos Moustakas: konmoust@central.ntua.gr