Poster Session

# Video Poster Title Authors Abstract Poster
002 Discovery of two low redox potential, novel laccases PcLac1 and PcLac2 from Pleurotus citrinopileatus. C. Pentari, A. Zerva, D. Zouraris, A. Karantonis, E. Topakas Abstract / Full paper Poster
003 Impact of Municipal Wastewater and Sulfur Springs on The Physicochemical Properties of The Euphrates River, Western Iraq Muwafaq Ayesh Rabeea*, Ahmed J. R. Al-Heety, Tahseen A Zaidan, Mohamed Elhag*, Ahmed Subhi Al-Rawi Abstract / Full paper Poster
006 Estimation and addition of MgO dose for upgrading the refractory characteristics of magnesite ore mining wastes/by-products Evangelia Pagona, Kyriaki Kalaitzidou, Evangelos Tzamos, Konstantinos Simeonidis, Anastasios Zouboulis, Manassis Mitrakas Abstract / Full paper Poster
008 Sewage sludge and sewage sludge char soil application: response of earthworm Eisenia fetida J. Žaltauskaitė, I. Kniuipytė, M. Praspaliauskas, N. Pedišius Abstract / Full paper Poster
009 Superstructure-based process synthesis and optimization of hydrogen production via biomass gasification Pietro Postacchini Francesco Patuzzi Marco Baratieri Abstract / Full paper Poster
011 Indirection Freeze Desalination: Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of influencing parameters: Toward Zero Brine Discharge S. Abedrabbo, I. Janajreh, I. Adeyemi, H. Zhang Poster
012 Impact of hydrogenation on miscibility of fast pyrolysis bio-oil with refinery fractions towards bio-oil refinery integration A. Dimitriadis D. Liakos U. Pfisterer M. Moustaka-Gouni S. Bezergianni Abstract / Full paper Poster
013 Acetalization of furfuraldehyde with argan nut shells carbon catalysts A.Mokhati, O. Benturki, M. Bernardo, I. Matos, I. Fonseca Abstract / Full paper Poster
014 Improvement of the enzymatic hydrolysis of olive stones by two-stage pretreatment of acid hydrolysis and organosolv C. Padilla-Rascón, E. Ruiz, E. Castro, L.B. Roseiro, L. C. Duarte, F. Carvalheiro Abstract / Full paper Poster
016 Biomass and lipid production utilizing five algae strains grown under autotrophic, mixotrophic and heterotrophic conditions Andonia Nicodemou, Michalis Kallis, Michalis Koutinas Abstract / Full paper Poster
017 Electrochemical conversion of chromium from tannery e uents for recycle in industrial applications A. Banti, O. Grammenos, Ε. Kokkinos, A. Zouboulis, S. Sotiropoulos Abstract / Full paper Poster
021 Fermentation at high-pressure of CO2 and H2 for acetone production by modified Acetobacterium woodii. L. Tarraran; V. Agostino; N. Vasile; A. Abdel Azim; A. Re; B. Menin; T. Tommasi; J. Baker; J. Millard; N. P. Minton; F. Pirri; D. Fino. Poster
023 Connecting soil dissolved organic matter to soil bacteria community structure in long-term grassmulching apple orchard Jianfeng Yang Abstract / Full paper Poster
027 The effect of a dynamic waste management system in remote rural areas D. Hidalgo, J. M. Martín-Marroquín, F. Corona, F. López Abstract / Full paper Poster
029 Stabilization of lead in municipal solid waste incineration fly ash using a combined treatment of hydroxyapatite from fishbone and a chelating agent Amirhomayoun Saffarzadeh, Takayuki Shimaoka Abstract / Full paper Poster
031 Developing an integrated approach to enhance soil fertility and favour recarbonization of Mediterranean agricultural soils: a case study from Valencian Region in Spain A. Garcia-Rández, M.D. Pérez-Murcia, M.T. Fernández-Suarez, F. Sánchez-García, E. Agulló, M.A. Bustamante, J. Andreu-Rodriguez, X. Barber, J. Roselló, M.T. Cháfer, R. Moral Abstract / Full paper Poster
032 Obtaining of added-value organic materials by composting of agri-food waste M.A. Bustamante, M.D. Pérez-Murcia, J. Andreu-Rodríguez, E. Agullo, E. Martínez-Sabater, A. Pérez-Espinosa, C. Paredes, J.A. Pascual, M. Ros, C. Egea, J.A. Fernández, R. Moral Abstract / Full paper Poster
034 Removal of pharmaceutical contaminants by hydrotalcite-like compounds synthesized from aluminum saline slag wastes L. Santamaría, M.A. Vicente, S.A. Korili, A. Gil Abstract / Full paper Poster
035 Evaluation of reactive-mat containing low-grade charcoal to control leaching of organic pollutants Su-Min Lee, Jong-Gook Kim, Won-Gune Jeong, Kitae Baek Abstract / Full paper Poster
037 Olive mill wastewater stored in evaporation ponds: Integral assessment of in situ bioremediation strategies (composting vs vermicomposting) J.A. Sáez, M.D. Pérez-Murcia, A. Vico, M.R. Martínez-Gallardo, J. Andreu-Rodríguez, M.J. López, M.A. Bustamante, J. Moreno, R. Moral Abstract / Full paper Poster
038 Circular valorization of cheese whey and spent coffee grounds for the development of edible films P. Tzora, A. Papadaki, V. Kachrimanidou, I. Lappa, E. Eriotou, N. Kopsahelis Abstract / Full paper Poster
039 Spent coffee ground tested as filler for biodegradable composites F. Masino, A. Nanni, G. Montevecchi, G. Mezzadri, M. Messori, A. Antonelli Abstract / Full paper Poster
043 RE-LIVE WASTE project: Advancing pilot-scale nutrient recovery from livestock wastewater by struvite crystallization M.G. Antoniou, N. Kallikazarou, E. Constantinide, L. Koutsokeras, G. Constantinides, and G. Armenis Abstract / Full paper Poster
044 The effect of loading rate on biopolymer production potential from pickle fermentation broth by mixed microbial cultures D. Ozturk, E. Ayisigi, G.E. Zengin, D. Guven, D. Okutman Tas, G. Ozyildiz, G. Insel, E. Cokgor Poster
047 Grape wine chain biowaste tested as filler for biodegradable composites U. Cancelli, A. Nanni, G Montevecchi, F. Masino, M. Messori, A. Antonelli Abstract / Full paper Poster
048 Start-up of a sequencing batch reactor for the selection of polyhydroxyalkanoates accumulating cultures by means of a carbon and nitrogen decoupling strategy N. Pérez-Esteban, C. Vidal-Antich, S. Vinardell, D. Fernández-Domínguez, J. Mata-Álvarez, J. Dosta Abstract / Full paper Poster
049 Discovery of a novel PETase-like enzyme for the degradation of plastic waste E. Nikolaivits, G. Taxeidis, J. Nikodinovic-Runic, E. Topakas Abstract / Full paper Poster
052 Electrostatic separation of grape stalk powder obtained from grape-wine chain waste U. Cancelli, X. Rouau, G. Montevecchi, F. Masino, C. Mayer, A. Antonelli Abstract / Full paper Poster
053 Cheese whey valorization by Trametes versicolor through submerged cultivation A.-M. Theodosi-Kapsampeli, A. Papadaki, M. Triantafyllou, I. Lappa, E. Magdalinou, V. Kachrimanidou, Z. Gonou-Zagou, N. Kopsahelis Abstract / Full paper Poster
056 Synthesis, characterization and application of biochar from dyeing sludge in the removal of dyes J. S. Komatsu, L. M. Torres, G. F. Ramos, D. Mandelli, G. C. Labuto, W.A. Carvalho Abstract / Full paper Poster
057 Analysis of biorefinery platforms based on technical characteristics of the raw materials: a comparison between orange and plantain peels waste S. Piedrahita-Rodríguez, A.C. Lasso-Silva, S. Arango-Manrique, M. Ortiz-Sánchez, L.G. Matallana-Pérez, C.E. Orrego-Alzate Abstract / Full paper Poster
058 Microbiological and operational monitoring in the biofiltration of H2S and NH3 under transient conditions of gas load and moisture content D.G. Vela-Aparicio, D.F. Forero, C.A. Fisco, M.F. Paternina, P. Acevedo, C. Roman, P.F.B. Brandão, I.O. Cabeza Abstract / Full paper Poster
062 Influence of the products distribution and conversion technologies in the techno-economic performance of a biorefinery: The avocado case J.C Solarte-Toro, J. A Poveda-Giraldo, D. L Restrepo-Serna, C.A Cardona Alzate. Abstract / Full paper Poster
063 Plastics for tree shelters: characterization of polypropylene tube residues after up to 20 years in the reforestation area J. Martínez Urreaga, F.R. Beltrán, G. Gaspar, J. A. Oliet Palá, M.U. de la Orden Abstract / Full paper Poster
064 Automatic Solvent Extraction of Polyphenols from Peach Peels (Prunus Persica) and Investigation Storage Stability E. Kurtulbaş Şahin, M. Bilgin, S. Şahin Abstract / Full paper Poster
065 Peel of prickly pear ( Opuntia ficus indica ) fruit as an innovative ingredient for processed food S. Bouazizi, G. Montevecchi, F. Masino, A. Antonelli, M. Hamdi Abstract / Full paper Poster
069 Valorization of waste lignocellulosic biomass towards furanics and organic acids K. Rekos, A. Margellou, G. Dedes, A. Karnaouri, E. Topakas, K.S. Triantafyllidis Poster
070 Potential for energy use of food waste generated at the university restaurant of UNICAMP Sayuri Higo Daniel; Lucas Monteiro Galotti de Souza; Bruna de Souza Moraes Abstract / Full paper Poster
071 Estimation of Evapotranspiration based on METRIC and SEBAL model using Remote sensing, near Al-Jouf, Saudi Arabia Esubalew Adem1, Jarbou Bahrawi1 and Mohamed Elhag*1,2,3 Abstract / Full paper Poster
072 Understanding of Soil Erosion Based on Wadies Morphometric Parameter Inconsistencies Asep Hidayatulloh, Jarbou Bahrawi, Jaka Budiman, and Mohamed Elhag* Abstract / Full paper Poster
073 Improving sericulture waste value using silkworm pupae as a partial replacement of protein source in Carassius auratus gibelio diets Yu-Rong Bian, Wen-Jing Li, Sheng Sheng, Jun Wang, Fu-An Wu Abstract / Full paper Poster
074 Modification of thermophilic xylanase XYL10C-ΔN activity at animal body temperature and its application in mulberry bark degradation Shuai You, Chen Xie, Ziqian Zha, Wenxin Zhang, Zhiyuan Bai, Jun Wang Abstract / Full paper Poster
075 Mulberry red pigment with high purity produced by whole-cell bioconversion in an aqueous two-phase system Ting Huang, Yi-Tong Li, Shuai You Fu-An Wu, Jun Wang* Abstract / Full paper Poster
076 Bioethanol production from date palm fibers: Effect of alkaline hydrogen peroxide pretreatment and fermentation conditions I. Ben Atitallah, I. Ntaikou, G. Antonopoulou, C. Bredai, G. Lyberatos, T. Mechichi Abstract / Full paper Poster
077 Comparisons of pupae oil fatty acids composition in mulberry Invertebrates Sheng Sheng, Jiao Wang, Yi Jiang-cheng Li, Ying-ying Shao, Fu-An Wu, Jun Wang Abstract / Full paper Poster
078 Synthesis and bioactivity of natural ferulic acid derivatives against Ralstonia solanacearum isolated from mulberry tree Qing-Bo Tu, Peng-Yuan Wang, Sheng Sheng, Jin-Zheng Wang, Jun Wang Fu-An Wu, Abstract / Full paper Poster
079 Antifeedant activity of five plant ingredients against the general cutworm, Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Peng-Yuan Wang, Qing-Bo Tu, Sheng Sheng, Fu-An Wu, Jun Wang Abstract / Full paper Poster
080 Improve the catalytic activity of GH10 xylanase at low temperatures based on structure rational design Yan Ge, Shuai You, Wenxin Zhang, Zhiyuan Bai, Fuan Wu, Jun Wang Abstract / Full paper Poster
081 Economic feasibility of supercritical fluid extraction of antioxidants from fruit residues Daissy Lorena Restrepo Serna and Carlos Ariel Cardona Alzate Abstract / Full paper Poster
082 Performance of recycled concrete made with precast concrete rejects. Optimisation of mix proportions based on mechanical properties A. López-Uceda, A. P. Galvin, J. Ayuso, A. Hayas López, L. Contreras Álvarez, A. Barbudo Abstract / Full paper Poster
083 Use of Opuntia sp. mucilage as an alternative for the treatment of wastewater from hemodialysis and dialysis G. Ochoa, G. Fernandez and M.S. Córdova, Faculty of Engineering, 2Institute of Applied Science and Technology. National Autonomus University of Mexico, University City, 04510, Mexico. Abstract / Full paper Poster
084 Antibacterial activities of water extract from Camellia oleifera cake against Ralstonia solanacearum and Spodoptera litura Zong-Nan Li, Sheng Sheng, Shuai You, Fu-An Wu, Jun Wang Abstract / Full paper Poster
085 Digestion characteristics of structural lipid monomers rich in alpha-linolenic acid from silkworm pupae oil Xiao-Meng Xun, Cheng-Hai Yan, Jin-Zheng Wang, Lu-Chan Gong, Shuai You, Jun Wang Abstract / Full paper Poster
086 Evaluation of carotenoids and lipids production by two isolated Rhodosporidium kratochvilovae strains using galactose-based media F. Sereti, A. Papadaki, V. Kachrimanidou, I. Lappa, E. Eriotou, N. Kopsahelis Abstract / Full paper Poster
088 Plastics and its waste: trends and attitudes R. Dagiliute, K. Pilžis, J. Žaltauskaite, S. Sujetoviene, I. Kniuipytė Abstract / Full paper Poster
089 Improvement of the thermostability of a highly active GH16 glucanase without losing catalytic performance via alanine substitution Zhiyuan Bai, Shuai You, R. Ansah Herman, Wenxin Zhang, Ziqian Zha, Yan Ge, Jun Wang Abstract / Full paper Poster
090 A pilot-scale multi-purposes approach for volatile fatty acid, hydrogen and methane production from an automatic controlled two-phases anaerobic process for food waste valorisation Francesco Valentino, Marco Gottardo, Paolo Pavan, Mauro Majone, David Bolzonella Abstract / Full paper Poster
092 Application of microwave-assisted extraction of Cr(VI) from the fertilizer products and determination by ion chromatography U. Ryszko, B. Mazurek, J. Ostrowski, A. Drozd, A. Watros Abstract / Full paper Poster
095 Effects of AM fungi on selenium accumulation and selenium utilization efficiency of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under different fertilization time Jiao Li, Ruifang Liu, Fuyong Wu * Abstract / Full paper Poster
096 Biodiesel production using lipase-polymer conjugates developed by ATRP grafting-form method Can-Yang Shi, Yan Hu, Jin-Zheng Wang, Shuai You, Lu-Chan Gong, Jun Wang Abstract / Full paper Poster
097 Alternative sources of phosphorus for the fertilizer industry: from waste to valuable raw material Paulina Bogusz, Piotr Rusek, Marzena S. Brodowska Abstract / Full paper Poster
098 Use of glass waste for the encapsulation of metals and metalloids present in mining waste G. Guzmán Pedro, F. Villagómez Georgina, M. T. Alarcón Herrera Abstract / Full paper Poster
099 Effect of high salinity conditions on anaerobic co-digestion of macroalgal biomass with cattle manure M. Alvarado-Morales, P. Tsapekos, A. Kovalovszki, P.G. Kougias, A. Rudatis, R. Raga, I. Angelidaki Abstract / Full paper Poster
100 NH3 recovery from digestate using gas-permeable membranes: Effect of wastewater pH B. Molinuevo-Salces, B. Riaño, D. Hernández, I. González-García, M. B. Vanotti, M. C. García-González Abstract / Full paper Poster
101 Continuous fermentative hydrogen production from cheese whey in an attached growth biomass system: The influence of operational parameters M. Alexandropoulou, E. Lenakaki , G. Lyberatos and G. Antonopoulou Abstract / Full paper Poster
103 Dealing with food waste through participatory workshops: a community engagement approach T. Ioannou, K. Bazigou, A. Katsigianni, M. Fotiadis, C. Chroni, T. Manios, I. Daliakopoulos, C. Tsompanidis, E. Michalodimitraki and K. Lasaridi Abstract / Full paper Poster
106 Yeast residues activated carbon: nanomodification with magnetite for adsorption of pesticides Jonatas L. Ramos, Jhonatas O. F. Monteiro, Georgia Labuto, Elma N. V. M. Carrilho Abstract / Full paper Poster
107 Utilization and management of mushroom production wastes into high value food and feed nutraceuticals. D. Arapoglou*, C. Iliopoulos, M. Metafa, E. Kondyli, E. Pappa, E. Eleftheriadis,W.MacNaughtan, S.Harding, E. Lahouvaris and C. Israilides Abstract / Full paper Poster
108 Solar-assisted development of nanoadsorbents for the H2S/SO2 capture from biogas I. Kellartzis, T. Asimakidou, K. Simeonidis, C. Martinez-Boubeta, Ll. Balcells, G. Stavropoulos, P. Kougias Abstract / Full paper Poster
109 Removal of fluoride from ammonium sulphate solutions using bentonite A. Zdunek, K. Borowik, D. Kołodyńska Abstract / Full paper Poster
110 Impact of brown coal and biochar fertilizers on spring wheat productivity in the pot experiment S. Schab, M. Wyzińska, M. Mikos-Szymańska, P. Rusek Abstract / Full paper Poster
111 Generation of biogas and biofertilizer by anaerobic co-digestion of sugarcane bagasse residues, rice husks, pruning residues and poultry litter Camila Alejandra Castillo, Jhessica Daniela Mosquera Paola Andrea Acevedo P.1, César Augusto Quiñones, Iván Orlando Cabeza Abstract / Full paper Poster
112 Addition of soluble bio-based substances selected for Archaeal communities with higher performances in thermophilic Anaerobic digestion processes Federica Piergiacomo, Micol Bellucci, Giuseppe Gatta, and Luciano Beneduce Abstract / Full paper Poster
113 Development of technology for the production of microbial enriched mineral fertilizers Krzysztof Borowik, Piotr Rusek Sebastian Schab, Agnieszka Rutkowska Abstract / Full paper Poster
114 Geopolymer-based on biomass bottom ash with addition of different slags M.A. Gómez-Casero, L. Pérez-Villarejo, E. Castro, D. Eliche-Quesada Abstract / Full paper Poster
115 Structural variation of organosolv lignin isolated from tropical ramial chipped wood after their soil incorporation for sustainable agriculture Rodrigue Daassi, Pierre B. Kansagana , Damase. Khasa and Tatjana Stevanovic Abstract / Full paper Poster
118 The potential of in natura and magnetic nanomodified hydroponic lettuce roots for Cr(VI) removal in aqueous medium B. C. Soares, T. E. Abilio, L. Gabriel, J. C. José, F. C. Sala, E. N. V. M. Carrilho Abstract / Full paper Poster
119 Replacement of metakaolin with fly ash in metakaolin-based geopolymers M.A. Gómez-Casero, C. De Dios-Arana, L. Pérez-Villarejo, D. Eliche-Quesada Abstract / Full paper Poster
120 Investigating the sorption of selected pharmaceuticals, personal care products and endocrine-disrupting compounds to different types of microplastics Olga S. Arvaniti, Georgia Antonopoulou Athanasios S. Stasinakis Abstract / Full paper Poster
124 Bioconversion of CO2 to CH4 and biogas upgrading using anaerobic granular sludge and Zero Valent Iron M. Andronikou, I. Vyrides Abstract / Full paper Poster
125 Exploitation of Refused Derived Fuel for energetic uses via gasification and recycling of CO2 streams Despina Vamvuka Agapi Teftiki Abstract / Full paper Poster
126 Alkali-activated coal fly ash as a matrix for heavy metals immobilization P. Florek, P. Rożek, M. Król, W. Mozgawa Abstract / Full paper Poster
129 Determination of VOCs and PMs in the indoor air of hair saloons Chrystalla Kaikiti; Marinos Stylianou; Agapios Agapiou Abstract / Full paper Poster
130 Electrochemical treatment of whey wastewater S. Elia, M. Stylianou, A. Agapiou Abstract / Full paper Poster
131 Bioethanol and biogas production from an alternative valorisation pathway for green waste M. Sofokleous, A. Christofi, E.M. Barampouti, S. Mai, D. Malamis Abstract / Full paper Poster
132 Response Surface Methodology Approach for Optimizing the Gasification of Spent Pot Lining (SPL) Waste Materials Amira Nemmour, Chaouki Ghenai, Abrar Inayat, and Isam Janajreh Abstract / Full paper Poster
133 Adsorption of methylene blue dye onto chemically activated olive stones and zeolites M. Grigoropoulou, P. Parcharidou, Z. Ioannou Abstract / Full paper Poster
134 Waste management, an important element in ensuring a conservative management of Natura 2000 sites along the Siret River Anca Ionce, Nicoleta Nona Ardeleanu Abstract / Full paper Poster
135 Pepper cultivation on a substrate consisting of soil, natural zeolite and olive mill waste sludge-Changes in soil properties A. Papadopoulos, M. K. Doula, S. Kosmidis, A. Assimakopoulou, A. A. Zorpas, C. Kolovos Poster
136 Transglycosylation of steviol glucosides mediated by two novel thermophilic hydrolases, TtbGal1 and MtBgl3a, and valorization of industrial byproducts as sugar donors Koar Chorozian, Anastasia Zerva, Anastasia S. Kritikou, Nikolaos S. Thomaidis, Evangelos Topakas Abstract / Full paper Poster
138 Bioelectrochemical biogas upgrade: A novel technology for reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) into methane I.A. Vasiliadou, A. Kalogiannis, A. Spyridonidis, A Katsaounis, K. Stamatelatou Abstract / Full paper Poster
139 Impact Assessment of landfills on Soil and Groundwater Quality in the Southeast of Rabigh city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Nassir S. Alamri, Abdulmohsen S. Alamry and Mohamed Elhag* Abstract / Full paper Poster
140 Removal of cationic dyes using chemically activated tangerine (Citrus reticulata) by-products and zeolites P. Parcharidou, Z. Ioannou Abstract / Full paper Poster
144 Biodesulfurization of DBT in an integrated system of ultrasonication and biodesulfurization Stylianou Marinos, Samanides Charis, Agapiou Agapios, N. Evripidou, C. Damianou, Vyrides Ioannis Abstract / Full paper Poster
145 Electrocoagulation as a method to treat high metal content in acid mine drainage Stylianou Marinos, Etienne Montel, Zissimos Andreas, Christoforou Irene, Dermentzis Konstantinos, Agapiou Agapios Abstract / Full paper Poster
146 Effect of organosolv pretreatment on delignification and enzymatic hydrolysis of exhausted olive pomace I. Gómez-Cruz, I. Romero, M. d. M. Contreras, L. B. Roseiro, L. C. Duarte, E. Castro, F. Carvalheiro Abstract / Full paper Poster
147 Life cycle Impacts of food waste: the case study of Hotels in Heraklion Crete Synani, K., Abeliotis, K., Terzis, E., Manios T., Lasaridi, K. Abstract / Full paper Poster
148 Carbon footprint of crops cultivated in the Mediterranean region G. Zagklis, M. K. Doula, Ch. Kolovos, A. V. Papadopoulos, S. Kavasilis, P. Kostopoulos, E. Roukounaki Poster
149 Landfill leachate treatment by chemical precipitation, carbonation, and phytoremediation fine tuning M. Ramalho, T. Jovanović, A. Afonso, A. Baía, A. Lopes, A. Fernandes, A. Almeida, F. Carvalho Abstract / Full paper Poster
150 Hydrothermal liquefaction of Thessaly’s agricultural wastes targeting high quality biocrude production D. Liakos A. Dimitriadis V. Dagonikou K. Triantafyllidis A. Kokkalis S. Bezergianni Abstract / Full paper Poster
151 Identifcation of UDP-glycosyltransferases genes in Glyphodes pyloalis (Lepidoptera:Pyralidae) and their expression patterns under stress of Chlorfenapyr Xin-Hao Liang, Meng-Wen Yan, Zhi-Xiang Liu, Jian-Hao Ding, De-Lei Jiang, Yi-jiangcheng Li, Jun Wang, Fu-an Wu, Sheng Sheng Abstract / Full paper Poster
152 Improvement in thermostability and low-temperature catalytic efficiency of Bispora sp. β-glucanase through surface charge optimization Wenxin Zhang, Shuai You, Zhiyuan Bai, Ziqian Zha, Fuan Wu, Jun Wang Abstract / Full paper Poster
153 Enhancing biogas production from septic tank sludge via hydrothermal pre-treatment and co-digestion with food waste Yangyang Zhang , Huan Li Abstract / Full paper Poster
154 Nanomodified activated carbon produced from yeast residues: application in the removal of hormones in water Jhonatas O. F. Monteiro, Jonatas L. Ramos, Gabriela Z. Beretta, Georgia Labuto, Elma N. V. M. Carrilho Abstract / Full paper Poster
155 Real measurement of selected biomass boilers in households J. Horák, F. Hopan, J. Kremer, L. Kuboňová, L. Polcar, J. Ryšavý, O. Molchanov, K. Krpec, P. Kubesa, M. Dej, M. Garba Abstract / Full paper Poster
156 The application of thermal plasma for the treatment of soil polluted by bitumen M. Aikas, A. Tamošiūnas, D. Gimžauskaitė, R. Uscila, J. Eimontas Abstract / Full paper Poster
157 Effect of co-digestion of agricultural substrates on the energy balance of the Wastewater Treatment plant A. Wilińska - Lisowska, K. Czerwionka Abstract / Full paper Poster
158 Holistic utilization of oregano: optimization of essential oil distillation and valorisation of distilled oregano waste I. Velopoulos, N. Solomakou, K. Kaderides, A.M. Goula Abstract / Full paper Poster
159 Evaluation of the sugar production from cellulosic rejections from wastewater treatment plants as valorisation strategy A. Duque, I. Ballesteros, M.J. Negro, C. Coll, M. Latorre-Sánchez, J. Hereza, R. Iglesias Abstract / Full paper Poster
160 To dream or not to dream in Havana: multi-criteria decision-making for material and energy recovery from municipal solid waste A. Alfonso-Cardero, J. Pagés-Díaz, C. S. Psomopoulos, E. Kalogirou, J. Lorenzo-Llanes Abstract / Full paper Poster
161 The efficiency of the anaerobic hydrolysis process of thickened" excess sludge Agnieszka Garlicka, Monika Zubrowska-Sudol Abstract / Full paper Poster
162 Assessment of a full-scale anaerobic co-digestion plant: A multi-component substrates analysis by using ORWARE Carlos-Pinedo, Sandra Wang, Zhao Abstract / Full paper Poster
163 Time-based evaluation of bioavailable phosphorus in a calcareous soil after the application of anaerobically digested sewage sludge G. Cristina, E. Camelin, S. Fraterrigo Garofalo, F. Salomone, M. Pugliese, M.L. Gullino, T. Tommasi, D.Fino Abstract / Full paper Poster
164 CFD simulation and evaluation of the mixing performance of gas and non-Newtonian fluid during high solid anaerobic digestion Lili Li, Kun Wang, Liangliang Wei, Qingliang Zhao, Huimin Zhou, Junqiu Jiang Abstract / Full paper Poster
165 Effect of TOC/TN ratio and degradability of substrates on the performance of high-solid anaerobic digestion: gas and methane production Huimin Zhou, Qingliang Zhao*, Liangliang Wei, Lili Li, Junqiu Jiang, Kun Wang Abstract / Full paper Poster
166 Hydrothermal pretreatment and fractionation of agricultural lignocellulosic waste biomass towards furanics and lignin based chemicals A. G. Margellou, C. P. Pappa, D. Moutousidis, E. Athanasiadou, K. S. Triantafyllidis Abstract / Full paper Poster
167 Different pretreatment strategies to enhance fermentable sugar production from olive stone in the context of an olive-derived biomass biorefinery P. Manzanares, I. Ballesteros, A. Duque, P. Doménech, I. Higueras, I. Romero, J.M. Oliva Abstract / Full paper Poster
168 Composts derived from agri-food sludge and pruning wastes from Mediterranean orchards: obtaining and agronomic valorisation in organic farming production M.D. Pérez-Murcia, M.A. Bustamante, E. Agullo, C. Bauxauli, A. Giner, A. Ferrer, J. Andreu-Rodríguez, R. Moral Abstract / Full paper Poster
169 Influence of cow dung storage on methane production by anaerobic digestion and enhancement using the ligninolytic fungus P. ostreatus B. Mayans, M. Guirado, N. Carreras, M. Lominchar, R. Camacho-Arévalo, R. Antón-Herrero, C. Alcántara, N. Nägele, L. Delgado, C. García-Delgado, R. Millan, E. Eymar Abstract / Full paper Poster
170 Evaluation of the efficiency of a scrubber Venturi in the collection of particulate matter smaller than 2.5??m emitted by biomass burning M.A.M. Costa, B.M. Silva, S.G. Coelho, G. Donato, A.F. M. Costa, A. A. Cardoso, K. J. Dussán Abstract / Full paper Poster
171 Effect of storage and drying on the composition of two-phase pomace A. Christofi, V. Stoumpou, E.M. Barampouti, S. Mai, K. Moustakas, M. Loizidou Abstract / Full paper Poster
173 Effects of sulfate and ammonia concentrations of the high solid food waste on the performance of the anaerobic digestion for methane generation Yan Chen, Liangliang Wei, Qingliang Zhao, Kun Wang, Junqiu Jiang Abstract / Full paper Poster
174 Valorization of tomato pomace by-product from agro-industrial processing through a one-pot simultaneous extraction with a biphasic system. F.Contillo, M. Marone, P. Marasco M. Monteleone, M. Albenzio, M Caroprese, M. Francavilla Abstract / Full paper Poster
175 Chemical Recycling of Plastic Waste in Practice: Assessment of Technologies and Economics Cesar Lubongo & Paschalis Alexandridis Abstract / Full paper Poster
176 Recyclability of separate collected municipal solid waste fractions: a case study for Kaunas, Lithuania A. Šleiniūtė, T. Mumladze, I. Pitak, G. Denafas - -
177 UDP-glucosyltransferases potentially contribute to the pesticide detoxification of insect parasitoids Meng-Wen Yan, Lu-Xin Zheng, Cai-Ye Li, Xia Song, Jun Wang, Fu-An Wu, Sheng Sheng Abstract / Full paper Poster
178 Assessment of novel yeasts for the production of single cell protein from wasted dates molasses A. Hashem, Al-Qahtani, M.S., Alamri, S.A., Moustafa Y.S. , G. Lyberatos, I. Ntaikou Abstract / Full paper Poster
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